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In addition to his work in the military, Paul Andrew Brunst has had the pleasure of working with a multitude of individuals who vary in cultural backgrounds. Previously, as a military man and now as an entrepreneur of a brand of premium cargo pants, Paul understands the need for maintaining relationships both personally and professionally. He believes that by continuing these relationships, it will have a long-lasting benefit for others, as well as himself. Furthermore, by having interpersonal relationships that are longstanding, he is better able to build his business. Alongside with running his company, Paul Andrew Brunststill finds time to live a well-balanced lifestyle. This allows him to spend time with his family and indulge in his various hobbies outside of work, which include; fishing, hiking, running and boating.

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When Paul Andrew Brunst is not spending time with family or at work, he loves investing his free time helping those in need. In addition, he frequently makes donations to his local church. Paul also works on a regular basis with non-profit organizations to rebuild local parks in his area.