Paul Brunst began his career journey at the young age of 15. At the time, he was waiting tables in the local restaurant and helping out with his family. In addition to waiting tables, he was taking care of his numerous siblings. By the time he obtained his high school diploma, he decided to enroll in the military. There, he spent the next three years honing his disciplinary skills and staying in peak shape. Furthermore, he would read books whenever he got the chance to keep himself informed on current events, technological breakthroughs, medical findings, and political changes.

Who is Paul Brunst?

paul brunst black and white suit

While in the military, Paul Brunst always wanted to create something for himself once he retires from serving his country. By the time his unit honourably discharged him, he decided to enrol in a business administration program at the University of Pennsylvania. While the shift was drastic, Paul managed to make do with his determination and hard work. After four difficult as well as challenging years, he graduated with honours. Upon graduation, he started his own business in selling state of the art camouflage pants. These pants not only provide comfort, but they were also shock-absorbing and thermal.

While business was difficult in the beginning, when Paul brought his spouse on board to help out, they soon began profiting. Within just six months, they turned this family-owned business into an empire of success.

Personal Life

paul brunst sunset parkWith the business taking off within just a few short months, Paul Brunst acquired enough revenue to run the business with a few friends and family members. His focus now, however, is to kick back, relax, and enjoy the little moments in life. As a former military individual, he learned to appreciate life and spending time with loved ones.

The purpose of this website is for Paul to humbly showcase his prior achievements. In addition, he hopes to act as a beacon of hope for others that are also to start their own business. He wishes to pass on his knowledge as well as the expertise to others that are struggling to make ends meet. In addition, he aspires to connect with ex-military personnel and help them make the transition to mundane life smoother.